Yearly Archives: 2011

London Painting

Well, it seems that even with the run up to Christmas people are still busy trying to get […]

Harley Street Facelift

No I haven’t had a facelift, or botox… I am naturally beautiful and ageing gracefully… at least that […]


Now, �A lot of homes in London have wallpaper on the walls. Sometimes this is done out of […]

Rotten wood Window Frame

Window Re-Decoration

Hello there. In my previous posts, I have gone over the maintenance needed to protect your home against […]

Lining Paper or Plaster?

Lining paper or plaster? That is the question. A lot of customers do not know what to do […]

Rising Damp

No, not the television series. Rising damp is a problem that a lot of customers come across. You […]

The Summer Bug!

It seems a lot of London get the summer bug. Now you may be asking yourself, what is […]

Cowboys and decorating!

Nothing makes me more angry than having to go and clean up someone else’s mess. Its not the […]

Your Quotations last!

Today, my office had a phone call from a nice old gentleman that I had done a quotation […]