Property Renovation London

Interested in renovating your property? GD Parvins offers advice on the topic and we have our own category in our blog on it. Come and read it to get info on the renovating your property.

This kind of weather makes people worry about everything from burst pipes to collapsing roofs. It also makes my workmen fight over who gets to work in the warmest houses. But there are points to watch out for in a cold snap that could save nasty bills later, so I […]

Avoiding home damage from the cold

Now, �A lot of homes in London have wallpaper on the walls. Sometimes this is done out of preference, but not always. If you have read my previous blogs, I have briefly gone over the subject of lining paper verses plastered walls. In London, the architecture dates back hundreds of […]


Property Renovation in London seems to be picking up again. I have noticed over the past few months that I have been doing a lot more quotations for renovation projects in and around the SW area. It seems that not everyone has been burned in the recession, and a lot […]

Property Renovation in London