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Maybe it’s genetic, but with the first rays of sun and green shoots starting to peek through, even your humble decorator is starting to think of spring-cleaning. I thought some tips on handling paintwork might not be amiss. You most likely have some form of emulsion paint on your walls. […]

Cleaning walls: Your decorator speaks…

People who value my opinion – yes, both of them – sometimes want to know what’s the best way to prepare for the decorators. Apart from leaving the country, I tell them, there are some sensible things to bear in mind. We’ll assume that you already know what paint you […]

How to prepare for your decorator

Redecorating your home (or office) is going to involve a certain amount of disruption, like it or not. Good decorators* will keep it at a minimum, but I thought a planning checklist might be useful. It might help to give an idea of how much work will be needed, and how long […]

Planning your redecoration: a useful checklist

I promised you a useful email, and at last here it is. We only deal with a better class of client, and we know you will want to treat our beautiful paintwork with the love it deserves after we have packed up and gone home. But accidents happen. In the photo […]

How to clean paintwork – a useful email, at last

Our recent redecoration of a beautiful family home in Kingston on Thames was featured by The Resident magazine. Owner Jacqualene chose light taupes and white to take full advantage of the light and modern interior, which has rooflights and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panel walls in the large kitchen and living […]

Our decorating featured in The Resident magazine

Sky-high house prices in London are resulting in a lot more home improvements. And we’re always happy to help. I happened to be looking at some old paint charts and thought it was interesting how much they reflect the times. The 1970’s look very strange –  here’s the Dulux catalogue from […]

It’s officially (nearly) spring. What colours are we picking this ...

Feel a touch of Spring in the air? Just the tiniest whiff? As we move ever closer to Spring-cleaning time, a fresh crop of Dulux and Farrow & Ball colour charts have started to poke their heads though the snow. But since most of us spend our lives entirely surrounded […]

What goes into your housepaint?

If you want to get creative, read this first I read two stories about Star Trek themed houses this week. Both of them (surprise!) in the USA. One fan spent $300,000 on converting his New York basement into the bridge of the USS Enterprise. The other did an entire house in Florida. […]

Batman in your bedroom?

Sorry to keep coming back to this, but you might have seen my previous newsletter about green paint in bedrooms, and how it’s supposed to promote…well, let’s say, night-time exercise. Bad luck for the owner of this bedroom. And as we come to Easter it struck me that all the […]

Oh dear! More things we didn’t know about the colours ...

I’m becoming an expert at boring people at parties. If you invited me round this Christmas, you’d probably regret it. It’s not as if I wander around Fulham watching paint dry, but my wife thinks I’ve been learning more about paint this year than is healthy. Take colours. There are two […]

What you didn’t know about paint colours

Everyone knows the story about painting the Forth Road Bridge (by the time the painters reach one end they have to start again at the beginning). Here’s something I didn’t know: the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is painted in ‘International Orange’, but the US Navy originally wanted it […]

And the best colour to paint your room for a ...

I sat down to write a calm informed article about BluTak, and why it is the Devil’s work when it comes near nicely painted interior walls. And what did I find, dear reader, in a quick Google search: a Council Health & Safety order banning use of BluTak on windows […]

What BluTak does to your walls

I’m often asked how to look after indoor paintwork and keep it free of grubby finger-marks and general minor scuffs. My first response (“ask your wife to do it”) used to be appreciated by married men but all it gets me now is an elbow in the ribs from Mrs. […]

Care of paintwork and cleaning walls

One of the biggest problems that people have when deciding to get their home re-decorated is picking a colour scheme for the rooms in question. They go and get all the different colour charts from Dulux, or Crown, or Farrow and Ball, but can’t always decide what to do, and […]

How to pick the perfect colour

Ok, So the most up and coming thing nowadays seems to be Shabby Chic… Most of you may be wondering what this is, to men it means ‘everything is painted white’ and to woman there is a whole other world to the white, there is Vanilla White, Cotton White, Violet […]

Painting and Decorating Shabby Chic

If you have seen my last blog, you will notice that I have started to give my advice regarding colours and interior decor. Now, wallpapering. It seems to have taken off again, after dying a death in the 90’s. But now it is back, and being done very tastefully throughout […]

Wallpapering in London

I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone. And I really can’t believe that my son gave me his Christmas list yesterday! Christmas already??? It is all over the shops, the lights are up on Oxford Street, and it is only 8 weeks away. I can’t believe it. Which […]

A Spruce up for the In-Laws

Strange title I know. And, lets face it, it happens to all of us. You have had a long hard day at work, you get home, get dinner on, run a yourself a bath, get the kids to bed, read them a story, kiss them goodnight, and then go back […]

The bath overflowed again!