Decorator’s tips

Regular readers will know that my newsletters are always strictly on-message and never stray from the business of painting and decorating. Well, hardly ever. So, as the Spring-cleaning season opens, some TIMELY and RELEVANT words on care of paintwork and walls. Where possible, we hope you’ll avoid the use of power-tools […]

More useful cleaning tips from your decorator

Maybe it’s genetic, but with the first rays of sun and green shoots starting to peek through, even your humble decorator is starting to think of spring-cleaning. I thought some tips on handling paintwork might not be amiss. You most likely have some form of emulsion paint on your walls. […]

Cleaning walls: Your decorator speaks…

A brave daffodil in my garden has just started to put shoots up. Of course, that makes me think it must be spring, and now I will probably forget to wear a jacket and catch my death of cold. But it did occur to me that this is a very good […]

Spring? You must be joking

People who value my opinion – yes, both of them – sometimes want to know what’s the best way to prepare for the decorators. Apart from leaving the country, I tell them, there are some sensible things to bear in mind. We’ll assume that you already know what paint you […]

How to prepare for your decorator

Redecorating your home (or office) is going to involve a certain amount of disruption, like it or not. Good decorators* will keep it at a minimum, but I thought a planning checklist might be useful. It might help to give an idea of how much work will be needed, and how long […]

Planning your redecoration: a useful checklist

There’s nothing as individual as choosing colours. You can get endless advice on the internet, not to mention friends and relatives. You might even appreciate some of it. As decorators we’ve learned to be careful about offering opinions – but it’s nice to know what is possible and what’s out there. […]

Resources for choosing paint colours

I like to think I’m a manly sort of man. I know which end of a screwdriver to hold, and I have plenty of good words for when electrical items don’t work. So I was drawn to a website called “The Art of Manliness” – just to see if they […]

Three things to check on the house in July

I promised you a useful email, and at last here it is. We only deal with a better class of client, and we know you will want to treat our beautiful paintwork with the love it deserves after we have packed up and gone home. But accidents happen. In the photo […]

How to clean paintwork – a useful email, at last

Sky-high house prices in London are resulting in a lot more home improvements. And we’re always happy to help. I happened to be looking at some old paint charts and thought it was interesting how much they reflect the times. The 1970’s look very strange –  here’s the Dulux catalogue from […]

It’s officially (nearly) spring. What colours are we picking this ...

Feel a touch of Spring in the air? Just the tiniest whiff? As we move ever closer to Spring-cleaning time, a fresh crop of Dulux and Farrow & Ball colour charts have started to poke their heads though the snow. But since most of us spend our lives entirely surrounded […]

What goes into your housepaint?

Lesson One: hanging on brick walls Planning to decorate the house this year? Perhaps you like the understated elegance of this example? Even if you’re not so brave, I thought you might like a decorator’s tips on how to make decorations stay up without incurring a repair bill in the New […]

Decorators tips: How to hang your Christmas decorations.

As I drive around London in my van I have to think about something. So what about this: Is there a collective noun for decorators? I sometimes use old-fashioned anglo-saxon words to talk about my workmen, but really they are warm and cuddly people. They deserve a proper collective noun, […]

Decorating tips – and some new words

If you want to get creative, read this first I read two stories about Star Trek themed houses this week. Both of them (surprise!) in the USA. One fan spent $300,000 on converting his New York basement into the bridge of the USS Enterprise. The other did an entire house in Florida. […]

Batman in your bedroom?

The quotation above is one of my favourites from Mark Twain. Working in the decorating industry, I see a lot of men with hammers. They’ll hit anything. So when salesmen urged half of London to replace old wooden doors with UPVC, they weren’t necessarily just thinking about the commission. I’m sure many […]

To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a ...

All this rain is causing damp problems to homes all over London, even in areas which have avoided flooding. 
I hope you’ve not had any serious damage, but I thought you might want to know the main things to watch out for.

Water can get into walls through various ways, including: Cracked or missing roof tiles Gaps around […]

What to watch out for after all this rain

I’m becoming an expert at boring people at parties. If you invited me round this Christmas, you’d probably regret it. It’s not as if I wander around Fulham watching paint dry, but my wife thinks I’ve been learning more about paint this year than is healthy. Take colours. There are two […]

What you didn’t know about paint colours

Sales of green paint have been going well since my last newsletter (in case you missed it, it’s supposed to be the paint equivalent of viagra). But I thought I should raise the tone a little. We sometimes find houses with old paint finishes that haven’t been redecorated since the […]

Restoring old paint finishes and choice of paint for exteriors

Everyone knows the story about painting the Forth Road Bridge (by the time the painters reach one end they have to start again at the beginning). Here’s something I didn’t know: the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is painted in ‘International Orange’, but the US Navy originally wanted it […]

And the best colour to paint your room for a ...

I sat down to write a calm informed article about BluTak, and why it is the Devil’s work when it comes near nicely painted interior walls. And what did I find, dear reader, in a quick Google search: a Council Health & Safety order banning use of BluTak on windows […]

What BluTak does to your walls

I’m often asked how to look after indoor paintwork and keep it free of grubby finger-marks and general minor scuffs. My first response (“ask your wife to do it”) used to be appreciated by married men but all it gets me now is an elbow in the ribs from Mrs. […]

Care of paintwork and cleaning walls

Here in the South we seem to be moving towards Spring, despite the pictures I saw of cars in Yorkshire stranded in the snow.
It’s a good time of year to take stock of a home and look at what jobs will need to be done, including decorating jobs of course.

External […]

How to tell if it’s time for repainting

This kind of weather makes people worry about everything from burst pipes to collapsing roofs. It also makes my workmen fight over who gets to work in the warmest houses. But there are points to watch out for in a cold snap that could save nasty bills later, so I […]

Avoiding home damage from the cold

I love Christmas. My wife’s name is Holly, after all. But I lose sleep at the thought of all the lovely paintwork my men have done being wrecked by sellotape and blu-tack. So, if you’ll allow me, I have some suggestions on how to hang things without wrecking the lovely […]

Some Christmas decorating tips from your decorator

What’s your least favourite cleaning task? The toilet has to be up there, but top of the list on a recent survey was cleaning the oven: 40% of people named it as their worst household chore. Cleaning the toilet, if you’re interested, came in second with 18%. With that in […]

Favourite cleaning job : the oven!

Around this time of year people start looking at how to make the most of their home for the winter. The prospect of relatives coming for the Christmas break and more time indoors, perhaps. It’s a busy time for us decorators, though. I thought you might appreciate some unusual cleaning […]

cleaning tips for the winter

One of the biggest problems that people have when deciding to get their home re-decorated is picking a colour scheme for the rooms in question. They go and get all the different colour charts from Dulux, or Crown, or Farrow and Ball, but can’t always decide what to do, and […]

How to pick the perfect colour

Ok, So the most up and coming thing nowadays seems to be Shabby Chic… Most of you may be wondering what this is, to men it means ‘everything is painted white’ and to woman there is a whole other world to the white, there is Vanilla White, Cotton White, Violet […]

Painting and Decorating Shabby Chic

I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone. And I really can’t believe that my son gave me his Christmas list yesterday! Christmas already??? It is all over the shops, the lights are up on Oxford Street, and it is only 8 weeks away. I can’t believe it. Which […]

A Spruce up for the In-Laws