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A while ago I discovered that oikodomophobia is a new and terrible disease, the fear of having oiks come round to your house and make a mess of it. It often leads to a farpotshket decorating job (farpotshket – a yiddish word meaning “broken because someone tried to fix it”). So […]

The house was farpotshket. Time for a hyggrade.

People who value my opinion – yes, both of them – sometimes want to know what’s the best way to prepare for the decorators. Apart from leaving the country, I tell them, there are some sensible things to bear in mind. We’ll assume that you already know what paint you […]

How to prepare for your decorator

The great comedian Tommy Cooper once said: “I painted my wife in oils. Now she looks like a sardine”. But that’s not why I’m writing to you. The clever people at Dulux have come up with a new version of their Tablet app to see how your room would look […]

Now my phone tells me what colour to paint the ...

We are currently putting finishing touches to a project on West Hill in Wandsworth. The property is a substantial Georgian mansion, tastefully converted into nine well-sized flats as well as a converted stables building, a gate house, and an adjoining Orangery. It may well have been originally built as a country […]

A London decorating case study

If you’re not so much of a big kid as I am, then I apologise in advance for what follows. But the fact is I love London. I’ve been painting and decorating all over the city from our Putney offices since 1997, and I continually find out wonderful facts about the place. […]

Thomas Cromwell, the Muppets and me

Despite very strict planning laws, we’re famous in London for the way we put modernist buildings next to fabulous old buildings. Somehow, it all seems work. House prices have also driven owners to add extensions, often using the same mixture of new and old. Personally, I think it works very […]

Preserving the history of London homes