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I’m becoming an expert at boring people at parties. If you invited me round this Christmas, you’d probably regret it. It’s not as if I wander around Fulham watching paint dry, but my wife thinks I’ve been learning more about paint this year than is healthy. Take colours. There are two […]

What you didn’t know about paint colours

Crikey, it’s nearly Christmas already! The John Lewis TV ad has started, which I believe marks the official start of the Christmas season. Hollywood usually gets the blame for the modern Christmas, but did you know that Prince Albert invented Christmas trees here in London? Well, sort of. Queen Victoria […]

Preparing for Christmas – grab our elves fast!

Sales of green paint have been going well since my last newsletter (in case you missed it, it’s supposed to be the paint equivalent of viagra). But I thought I should raise the tone a little. We sometimes find houses with old paint finishes that haven’t been redecorated since the […]

Restoring old paint finishes and choice of paint for exteriors

Everyone knows the story about painting the Forth Road Bridge (by the time the painters reach one end they have to start again at the beginning). Here’s something I didn’t know: the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is painted in ‘International Orange’, but the US Navy originally wanted it […]

And the best colour to paint your room for a ...

Did you know that Picasso used regular house paint for many of his most famous paintings?Apparently this has been a source of argument between art historians for years, but it was recently settled by scientists in the US. They used a high-energy X-ray instrument called an x-ray nanoprobe to examine […]

Picasso and your house paint

Welcome to G D Parvin Painters & Decorators Residential and Commercial decorators in London since 1997 Experienced tradesmen with high standards of workmanship Minor plastering, plumbing, carpentry and electrical work included Competitive prices Our feedback on the ratings websites is as good as you will find – see our recent […]

Welcome to GD Parvin Painters and Decorators

It’s summer, so I thought I’d write about wet rot. Poor preparation and painting (and neglect) of timber door and window frames is bad news for your property, but it’s good news for fungi.  Poor painting means your wood gets wet, and wet wood gives fungus both a hearty meal […]

Hope I’m not talking rot…..

It was a new word for me as well!

It means “The condition which leaves millions of people in fear of dealing with cowboy tradesmen. Six in 10 people claim to suffer from the condition when forced to negotiate with plumbers, builders and roofers for a job on their property —Fear […]

Oikodomophobia – a new word

What is a good painter?  Having worked in the industry for more years than I care to think about, and having nothing better to do, I recently ended up studying a bit about marine painting. It is probably the most critical type of painting because if done badly the hull […]

Things you didn’t know about painting

I sat down to write a calm informed article about BluTak, and why it is the Devil’s work when it comes near nicely painted interior walls. And what did I find, dear reader, in a quick Google search: a Council Health & Safety order banning use of BluTak on windows […]

What BluTak does to your walls

I’m often asked how to look after indoor paintwork and keep it free of grubby finger-marks and general minor scuffs. My first response (“ask your wife to do it”) used to be appreciated by married men but all it gets me now is an elbow in the ribs from Mrs. […]

Care of paintwork and cleaning walls

Here in the South we seem to be moving towards Spring, despite the pictures I saw of cars in Yorkshire stranded in the snow.
It’s a good time of year to take stock of a home and look at what jobs will need to be done, including decorating jobs of course.

External […]

How to tell if it’s time for repainting

This kind of weather makes people worry about everything from burst pipes to collapsing roofs. It also makes my workmen fight over who gets to work in the warmest houses. But there are points to watch out for in a cold snap that could save nasty bills later, so I […]

Avoiding home damage from the cold

After surviving Christmas a lot of people seem to celebrate with a home makeover, or at least a fresh coat of paint.  And we’re happy to oblige. Remember, we’ve got through midwinter and it’s all downhill from here to Spring and Summer. Sunrise is one whole minute a day earlier […]

A Nice offer for the New Year