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I love Christmas. My wife’s name is Holly, after all. But I lose sleep at the thought of all the lovely paintwork my men have done being wrecked by sellotape and blu-tack. So, if you’ll allow me, I have some suggestions on how to hang things without wrecking the lovely […]

Some Christmas decorating tips from your decorator

I’m sure when I was a lad I was told that things are supposed to wind down for the Christmas holidays. Just one of those things, like it always rains for Wimbledon. Not any more though. I came up with all sorts of explanations but none of them really make […]

The Winter Decorating yips

What’s your least favourite cleaning task? The toilet has to be up there, but top of the list on a recent survey was cleaning the oven: 40% of people named it as their worst household chore. Cleaning the toilet, if you’re interested, came in second with 18%. With that in […]

Favourite cleaning job : the oven!

Hello again. So it seems that Twilight isn’t only taking over the silver screens… it is also taking over our homes. No, Robert the vampire wolf guy – or whatever he is, isn’t going to be showing up, so keep your knickers on. The Autumn trends are here, and twilight […]

London Interior Decorating

Around this time of year people start looking at how to make the most of their home for the winter. The prospect of relatives coming for the Christmas break and more time indoors, perhaps. It’s a busy time for us decorators, though. I thought you might appreciate some unusual cleaning […]

cleaning tips for the winter

One of the biggest problems that people have when deciding to get their home re-decorated is picking a colour scheme for the rooms in question. They go and get all the different colour charts from Dulux, or Crown, or Farrow and Ball, but can’t always decide what to do, and […]

How to pick the perfect colour

The summer holidays have ended, the children are back at school, the dad’s are back at work, as are the mum’s, and everyone can take a deep breath… including me. Now, my kids are back at school, which is part of the reason that I take a deep breath, but […]

Painting Schools

We’ve been decorating houses and offices in London and the South-East  for more than 16 years. We’re happy to have built up many clients who ask us to come back when it’s time for redecoration.  Our team have been with us for years – over 150 years between them – […]

About us

Ok, So the most up and coming thing nowadays seems to be Shabby Chic… Most of you may be wondering what this is, to men it means ‘everything is painted white’ and to woman there is a whole other world to the white, there is Vanilla White, Cotton White, Violet […]

Painting and Decorating Shabby Chic

If you have seen my last blog, you will notice that I have started to give my advice regarding colours and interior decor. Now, wallpapering. It seems to have taken off again, after dying a death in the 90’s. But now it is back, and being done very tastefully throughout […]

Wallpapering in London

Well, I think that the title here pretty much exlains what this blog is going to be about. Decorating in London. Well, when you think about it, all my blogs are about this subject, not that you would ever expect to see anything else, as this is a painting and […]

Decorating in London

Well, it seems that the holidays are definately over, and people are back into the normality of life. The children are back at school, the in laws have gone home, and we are all back at work, trying to burn off the turkey!!! Well, as I said in my earlier […]

Painting and Decorating in the New Year

Happy New year! I have decided to get the new year off to a blast, and to share with you what some of my recent customers say about my company, and our service. I recently did a decorating job in Wimbledon. And this is what they had to say, “We […]

Decorating Customer from Wimbledon