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It is that time of year, thankfully without the snow this time. Christmas will be coming soon. The Children are off school. The family is coming in to town. The shopping is being done. The tree is up. I think that after Christmas, we all need a holiday!!! No but […]

Painting and Decorating in the Winter

Well, it seems that even with the run up to Christmas people are still busy trying to get their homes in order for the family arriving. I have had quite a few phone calls in the past week for people who need ’emergency decorating’. This is basically, people needing the […]

London Painting

I have been painting and decorating in London for over 15 years. That is a long time. And I have been driving around London for all of that time. If this painting and decorating thing doesn’t work out, I can always become a taxi driver! I have been doing it […]

London Painting and Decorating

I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone. And I really can’t believe that my son gave me his Christmas list yesterday! Christmas already??? It is all over the shops, the lights are up on Oxford Street, and it is only 8 weeks away. I can’t believe it. Which […]

A Spruce up for the In-Laws

Last week I finished a nice little decorating job in South Kensington. A lovely woman wanted a new kitchen put in to her town house just off of Cromwell Road. When I arrived to go over what she wanted and give her a quotation, the kitchen looked pretty good to […]

Kitchens in South Kensington

No I haven’t had a facelift, or botox… I am naturally beautiful and ageing gracefully… at least that is what my wife says… and they are laughter lines, not wrinkles! But, that isn’t to say that I wouldn’t consider it. This week I went to do an estimate for interior […]

Harley Street Facelift

Strange title I know. And, lets face it, it happens to all of us. You have had a long hard day at work, you get home, get dinner on, run a yourself a bath, get the kids to bed, read them a story, kiss them goodnight, and then go back […]

The bath overflowed again!

If you read my blogs, you’ll know that I started out as a painter myself, before starting my own painting and decorating company. This almost seems an eternity ago. Today, it would be a rare, rare occasion that you will find me painting personally, normally if you do happen across […]

Returning Painting Customer in Richmond

It isn’t only your home that likes to get a fresh look every now and then. Shops and Restaurants also do. Last week I went to do a free estimate for a company in Knightsbridge. This was a very large, 5 floored shop, which during the day, is one of […]

Commercial Redecoration Knightsbridge

I have recently had a few different clients in Fulham. I originally started my painting and decorating business in Fulham, so it holds a special place in my decorator heart :). Before expanding across the south of London, and into central London, you would often find me dotting around between […]

Painting and decorating Fulham

Now, G D Parvin painting and decorating does not only paint and decorate your home. We also do a lot of commercial decorating. People do not always seem to realise how often an office or workplace needs re-painted, or the work that goes in to doing so. Most offices, get […]

Painting and decorating in Westminster

Now, �A lot of homes in London have wallpaper on the walls. Sometimes this is done out of preference, but not always. If you have read my previous blogs, I have briefly gone over the subject of lining paper verses plastered walls. In London, the architecture dates back hundreds of […]


Rotten wood Window Frame
Hello there. In my previous posts, I have gone over the maintenance needed to protect your home against damp, rot, and major external weathering damage. In this post I have decided to let you all know about windows. Not all homes and building have double glazed PVC windows, many of […]

Window Re-Decoration

Lining paper or plaster? That is the question. A lot of customers do not know what to do when it comes to this. And I have to say, with all my years of experience. It is totally a preference. If you buy a house, and want to go to the […]

Lining Paper or Plaster?

No, not the television series. Rising damp is a problem that a lot of customers come across. You haven’t done anything wrong if you come across damp in your home. It is very common in London. A lot of houses and properties are over 100 years old, and ventilation was […]

Rising Damp

It seems a lot of London get the summer bug. Now you may be asking yourself, what is the summer bug? The summer bug is where it seems that everyone decides to get painting and decorating works done in the summer. Now you can ask any painter or decorator this […]

The Summer Bug!

Property Renovation in London seems to be picking up again. I have noticed over the past few months that I have been doing a lot more quotations for renovation projects in and around the SW area. It seems that not everyone has been burned in the recession, and a lot […]

Property Renovation in London

I have been in the Painting and Decorating industry for over 10 years now, and it seems I have built up quite a loyal customer base in Fulham. When it comes to having your home re-decorated, you need to use someone you can trust to get the job done. I […]

Painting and Decorating in Fulham

Nothing makes me more angry than having to go and clean up someone else’s mess. Its not the cleaning up of the ‘mess’ that I mind. It’s that there are certain tradesmen out there who create such a mess! I use the term ‘tradesmen’ loosely. I mean cowboys builders or […]

Cowboys and decorating!

Today, my office had a phone call from a nice old gentleman that I had done a quotation for. He asked my receptionist how her tooth was. This of course puzzled my receptionist because she hasn’t had any problems with her teeth for ages. She was anxiously trying to find […]

Your Quotations last!

Home is Where the Heart is.� �Whilst you may believe this to be true, you can�t make a house into a home until you make it your own. Even if you�ve lived in your current house for a while, until you put your mark on it with your own personal […]

Changing a House into a Home